Bendigo was its name-o

I know nothing about home loans.

I went for a casting at the end of last year that called for a “young stylish woman” (ahem, yes, thank you). The character is a young mum (aren’t they all) who’s heading off to work, leaving hubby to tend to the child. I took my daughter along too, and while she sat on my fake husband’s lap, eating dried apricots and sultanas, I talked to my fake friend, just out of shot, about our wonderful home loan.

My daughter and I, and my fake husband from that first audition, were given callbacks (yay!). They tried me out with about three or four new husbands (score!) and I ad-libbed about home loans like a true professional.

I and my first husband were cast but unfortunately my daughter was a little older than the client wanted.

We did the shoot a couple of months ago in this marvellous old house in Kensington, me tottering about in a business suit, the skirt of which was decidedly unhappy about my keenness to sample everything laid out on the catering trestle tables.

Here is the full fifteen-second TVC with my scene:

And here is the “vignette” with my voice-over:

And here is the campaign ad:

The project was cast through Danny Long Casting and directed by Nic Finlayson for Finch.

(I still know nothing about home loans.)

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