Claire implements corporate face-lift

In my other life I’m a corporate Jack-of-all-trades.

I work for a firm of insolvency specialists called Crouch Amirbeaggi.

In time for the new financial year (oh, I nearly forgot: Happy NFY everyone!), I designed their new logo, letterhead, business cards and website

. I modified a template from one of my favourite web designers, AJ of HTML5 UP! fame. Essentially I just added a full-width dropdown menu and a few other little positioning and formatting tweaks to make the content look pretty. AJ’s designs need very little work. I love that guy.

Oh, and it’s mobile-responsive too. Awesome.

The homepage has a cute little javascript slideshow of their latest newsworthinesses and the rest of the site has lots and LOTS of information on all manner of Things Insolvency. So, you know, if that’s up your street (and how wouldn’t it be?), take a look.

Here are some screen grabs:



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