Great gig in the Cross

So I did it. On Tuesday night I sang in a bloody cabaret competition.

There were all these perfectly groomed evening-gowned women and besuited men. They sang show tunes. Mostly. One guy did a set all about Noel Coward, which was actually really interesting. They were, for the most part, a little younger than me and every one of them ginormously talented. For my first song I did “Any Guy” by Melanie, mainly ’cause I think it’s cute and funny and poignant and I get to burst into tears at the end of it.

And I did a couple of jokes, and I gave a bit of a story, and then I hit them (and I mean HIT THEM!) with some Floyd


They weren’t expecting that. I could tell.

But, though many times before the show I felt like I was pretty much going to be throwing shit at the wall (or rather, at Dark Side of the Moon. Har har.), I’m proud to admit, I fucking nailed it.

Nailed. It.

The sound guy told me afterwards, “That was fucking awesome. I was looking around the room, and their faces… they’d never seen anything like it.”

And later on, one woman said I should join the Australian Pink Floyd Show.

We’ll see.

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