I’ve got a new hat. Also, I met Grug!

I’ve begun my foray into professional MCing. It’s surprisingly easy, actually. All I have to do is remember two things: 1) people’s names, and 2) not to swear.

I’m currently MCing a three-day event at Sydney Exhibition Centre, The Baby and Toddler Show. Seeing as I’m just a little bit pregnant, I’m getting quite a lot of (possibly?) useful information out of it. The best thing about it so far, though, is that one of the guests is Ted Prior, the dude who created Grug, that lovable old patch of anthropomorphised dry grass. I met him today. I met both of them, in fact. It was wonderful. I bought a bunch of Grug books for my unborn child, which Mr Prior signed (my three-year-old self is delighted!). And I got my photo taken with Grug himself.


I’m as happy as a carpet snake in a log.

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