Mum’s birthday celebrations, part un.

Remember how I did that cabaret competition? Well, I loved the venue so much (as I kept drunkenly telling the owner many, many times during the night) that I booked my mum’s 60th birthday festival launch party


That’s right. Festival.

I will be gracing the stage with my brother Tommy G (from Los Skeletone Blues

fame) on guitar and mum’s old housemate Rod Crundwell on keys. He’s in a band called Men With Day Jobs (or “Men in Hats” as some have called them. And no, they don’t wear hats. Well, maybe they do sometimes. But it’s not what you’d call “their thing”. Point is, that’s not what they’re called.) Another man with a day job, Stafford Sanders, will most likely be lending his tuppence-worth as well.

And then there’s the big-name wet-your-pants headline act. He’s a surprise. And surprisingly cheap, considering. Let’s just say he’s mum’s number one musical crush. She’ll be beside herself. Happy birthday, mum.

We’ll have a couple of rehearsals over the next few weeks.

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