My red-headed stepchild

Not stepchild, really. Fake child. He’s not my child at all. Apart from in this 30-second commercial:

I filmed it a few weeks ago. It took two days to shoot. That’s me, out-of-focus and in the background, folding clothes. So like me. The kid, my kid, is this little flame-haired tearaway called Zach. He is five years old and hilarious. We had a ball. He also is the possessor of one extremely lovely and generous real mother who drove me home after we wrapped.

The project was cast through Maura Fay Casting and directed by Tina Bull from Luscious International.

*Interesting footnote: I’m wearing a Ben Sherman blouse, Saba jeans and some very uncomfortable Country Road ballet flats. I’d estimate the whole ensemble would have cost a tidy three hunge at least. What a privileged laundry-lady I am!

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