Claire has been singing professionally for the last ten years. She has performed as a guest vocalist with the Australian comedy group Tripod

, US comedian, writer and musician Rich Hall, Sydney-based reggae group Kinsky and has appeared on Richard Glover’s 702 Drive Show as well as providing lead vocals for bands such as Creme Brulee, Greenslip, Patterson’s Curse and the Honeys.

One day she might get something properly recorded to put on this page, but until then, here are a few videos of some live performances of variable (and questionable) quality.

Creme Brulee perform Total Control by the Motels at their tenth anniversary show in Newtown, Sydney. Bit of a crowd-pleaser, this one.

Creme Brulee perform Happy Birthday by Concrete Blonde at the same gig in Newtown, March 2013. The band cracks this one out whenever it’s someone’s birthday. Odds usually are, it is.

Creme Brulee perform 99 Luftballons by Nena at a friend’s birthday party. She’s the one sharing the lead vocals (the friend, not Nena!). Proudly sung, you’ll note, in German.

Another version of Total Control. This time during a Greenslip rehearsal.