Surprise! I’m on telly again!

Remember a few months ago when I said I’d filmed a new TVC? Well, it’s finally finished. It’s for Kinder Surprise. The campaign’s called “Give some back”. Essentially it’s trying to capture a series of little magic moments when our children (or “kinder”) surprise (or “überraschen”) us. It’s really just taking the brand name at its most literal meaning.

Here’s the spot:

It’s already received some nice comments via the website Campaign Brief. Sweet.

The shoot was brilliant fun. I got to cuddle two almost newborns AND I rocked up in time to have a breakfast roll with extra TABASCO®. And, as I said before, I got to lie down for the WHOLE THING. Also, and very strangely for an ad, I didn’t come out of makeup all caked in foundation. All the makeup lady put on me was some fake sweat (tastes like cordial!) and this awesome stuff that, once activated with a sponge dipped in alcohol, makes you look like you’ve got broken capillaries. And that was it. Nothing else. Not even any mascara. Score!

The project was cast through Peta Einberg Casting and directed for BMF by Arni Thor Jonsson from AMVI.

Now, for interest’s sake, here is a comparison of my first captured moments of motherhood; fiction and non-fiction:


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