This morning I had two babies

That’s me, serenely post-partum.  I’m tempted to do a comparative study. Side-by-side stills. One of me after actually giving birth and one of me after giving birth for television. See, I’ve filmed another commercial.

Can’t say much about it yet, but essentially I played a very, very new mother (as in, “new” by about a minute).

I had to pretend I was relieved and overwhelmed with joy to see my baby for the first time*. In reality, there were two babies I had to pretend were my very own newborn. I had two babies because 1) babies are notoriously unreliable cast members and you need a stand-in or two on hand to keep things to a schedule and, 2) the maximum time that child and infant actors are allowed on-set in Australia is strictly policed.

They were both dark-haired (just like my own daughter was when she was born) and TINY and, predictably, a little bit screamy. And oh-so adorable.

It was a good gig. I got to lie on a bed for the entire shoot.


I was suprised to be cast, actually, seeing as when I’d auditioned I was asked how I’d felt at that moment when it had really happened to me and I replied  (perhaps too honestly) that I was still in so much pain, and so exhausted, that I couldn’t have cared less about the screamy, wormy baby on my chest!

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